A study of the role of the Wedding Entertainer

We are firm believers in the philosophy that the choice of entertainment can ‘make or break’ the big day, and too often it is something that is overlooked, and put to the bottom of the priority list. Ah! There’s the subject for another blog! Anyway, what the premium wedding entertainers understand is that the day is not ALL about them. In fact, they only perform for an average of 90 minutes to 2 hours, that’s not a huge chunk of the entire day now is it?

Sounds obvious right? But where we’ve seen many an entertainer go wrong over the years is thinking that they are headlining Wembley or the Apollo in their own right, not that they are there creating special memories for the couple that have booked them for, lets face it, a huge occasion and landmark day in their lives. It really is a privilege to be helping somebody celebrate their big day, and we should never lose sight of that.

Rather than give examples here and make this blog unnecessarily long, I’ll list the five main attributes that we look for in entertainers to ensure that they facilitate rather than take over:

  1. Be flexible. This of course works both ways, and clients need to understand that an agreement is an agreement and the terms of the contract need to be adhered to as closely as possible. BUT let’s be honest, how many weddings have you been to that run bang on time? I can’t think of one!  So as an entertainer, be prepared for the timings to be ‘tweaked’ slightly every now and then, that’s what you signed up for.
  2. Look the part, but don’t steal the show – It’s fine to turn up in smart casual clothes to set up before any of the guests are there, probably sensible so as not to damage your ‘stage clothes’, but the first time the guests see you, there should be no compromises on appearance, blending in but most importantly keeping out of the way when you’re not performing.
  3. Personable yet professional – We all know that this is a fine line. Some of the best testimonials that our entertainers get frequently mention how easy they were to deal with, humorous, relaxed and co-operative. What our entertainers DON’T do though is stay drinking until the early hours with guests, literally ‘crashing the wedding’.
  4. Communication is key – obviously we take care of the communication part with the client via our entertainment co-ordinators (also the subject of a future blog), but the acts may need to communicate with the co-ordinator and possibly other entertainers, and even generally, we’d always advise close, but not intrusive communication with the client.
  5. (IMPORTANT) remember who is the centre of the attention – Quick question for you – who is the most important person on the big day? Is it the best man? No. I learned very quickly in planning my own wedding that it’s not the groom, although you could argue he’s a close second to…the bride. This is one of a few things we are on a mission to rid the wedding industry of; entertainers who don’t mention, or even remember the names of the newly-wed couple, don’t involve them, and simply go through the motions of massaging their own ego in their performance. A big part of our philosophy is that whilst entertaining is a sheer joy and a buzz, this should translate into creating special memories for the client and their guests first, entertainer second!

We hope from this blog you can see the power of putting lessons learned in the industry into practice in your business, something we’ve learned from a great many successful business people over the years in other sectors. As ever, we welcome feedback on anything we may have missed above, or opinions on the subject…

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