gaz-face2dan-face2Your Wedding Entertainment – An Introduction

…With Co-Founders Daniel Cassidy & Gareth John

Thank you for visiting our brand new website, and we hope that this first blog provides a good introduction to Your Wedding Entertainment, our ethos, how we operate, our experience, and our range of entertainers.

Allow us to introduce ourselves – we are bespoke wedding entertainment specialists, providing top quality, handpicked entertainment options for each of the different parts of your special day, from ceremony to carriages. We pride ourselves on a personal yet professional service, and aim to ease any of the understandable concerns that brides and grooms have about the entertainment side prior to the big day.

Both of our directors, Gareth John and Daniel Cassidy, have several years of entertainment experience, particularly in the wedding sphere. Both are part of renowned wedding and party band, Johnny & the Goodtime Boys, which Daniel started 6 years ago, and Gareth’s outfits, The King Lean Street Band, The JD’s and The Paradimes, have all wowed wedding crowds since their inceptions. Daniel also has event planning and marketing experience through running his own events company and a previous life in the property industry.

So what was it that brought them together in this joint venture?

“It’s something that Dan had mentioned to me a few times, the initial idea being a general entertainment agency, but once we started talking we realised that our joint experience lay in this area, and we are both of the view that it is better to specialise than generalise” Gareth explains.

It was something that made perfect sense. “It was perfect timing for me, being a working musician and looking to start something new” he continues, “…it seemed a perfect fit, and we feel both in service and nature and the quality of entertainment we offer something is different to the competition.

For Daniel, the company formation makes for an exciting new chapter, whilst he also sees the synergy between the wedding entertainment experience that has run in his family for generations: “Having played in a family run Irish Showband from a very young age, and now running a wedding and party band week-in week-out, I’m really excited to be setting this up and look forward to growing it. Like Gareth, I’ll keep playing live at the weekends, not just with Johnny & the Goodtime Boys but with the other projects I run and am involved in.”

There are blog features to follow looking in a more in-depth way at our directors’ experiences and backgrounds, as well our processes and ethos, as we feel it is important that you know who and what you may be dealing with!

In terms of entertainers though, whilst there is no upper limit to the number that we’ll accept, Your Wedding Entertainment are looking to offer as broad a range of top quality entertainers as possible, catering for every part of the day, and even venturing out to gather new entertainers if the customer wants something that we don’t currently have listed.

As for our existing base though, we look forward to introducing you to them over the coming months through this blog, as well as exploring the different parts of the special day and different ways the ‘wow’ factor can be created through entertainment choices.

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