How we work

As well as hopefully covering answers to some of the obvious questions you might have, this section of our site also takes you through our process step by step.

What happens after I’ve filled in the enquiry form?

You’ll get a call from one of our team within a maximum of 48 hours (usually that same day), in order to narrow down your requirements effectively. At Your Wedding Entertainment, we pride ourselves on a bespoke service which is personal but professional, and firmly believe that the best way we can help you is by having a chat on the phone in order to best determine your exact entertainment needs. If possible for both parties, we also look to set up a face-to-face meeting.

Ok, I’ve chosen my entertainment, what happens now?

You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail, personally typed up (not automated) by one of our bookings team, shortly followed by a digital contract which will contain your invoice that you’ll need to e-sign and send back to us at your earliest convenience, as well as paying the deposit amount stated on the invoice within the agreed time frame. Within 7 working days of the deposit being paid, you’ll receive a personalised joint ‘thank you’ gesture from your entertainer in the post.

Our e-signed contracts are a convenient, time-efficient, secure and 100% legally binding way of cementing your relationship with the entertainer, via Your Wedding Entertainment, and once this stage is complete, we’ll let you get on with sorting the other no-less-important parts of your day (some of which we can help with, remember!)

So now my booking is complete, when do I next hear from you?

Feel free to pick up the phone or drop us an e-mail if you have any questions or concerns, but we’ll be in contact around six weeks before your special day, to put your mind at rest with your entertainment itinerary, exactly what you’ve booked and the payment arrangement, and your contact on the day.

What happens if I want to add more entertainment to the booking once I’ve paid the deposit?

We pride ourselves on being able to cater for the entirety of your special day, and try to be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate this, so as long as the request for additional entertainment is more than eight weeks before the date, then we will do our best to supply this for you, and if successful, will require the difference between the deposit you’ve paid and the deposit for the ‘new’ entertainment you’ve booked to be paid in line with our usual payment terms.

What happens if the entertainer cancels or we cancel our booking?

Our customers are our first priority, and to that end, we will endeavor to find an alternative that is as close as possible to your original booking in the very rare circumstances that an entertainer is unable to perform at your wedding. We also understand that there may be the odd occasion when a customer wishes to cancel their booking and whilst deposits are non-refundable, we try to leave it as late as possible until the full fee would be due in this instance.

Details of what happens contractually will be contained in the contract you receive, but if you would like more information about this, please just ask!

I like the sound of how Your Wedding Entertainment works, but type of entertainment I’m seeking isn’t listed on your site, can you still help?

Absolutely! Not only are we taking on new entertainers all the time but through our experience as wedding and event entertainers, we know several entertainers outside of what is listed on our site, so we will endeavor to help.

How long do your entertainers normally perform for?

This varies depending on the entertainer, and rather than offering the default ‘2 x 45 min sets’ that most entertainers listed on entertainment agency websites, we stick to our ethos of a bespoke service, and so we will determine with you how long an entertainer will perform for.

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