Choosing The Right DJ
By Gareth John, Co-Founder of Your Wedding Entertainment

We’ve not put out a blog in a long time due to the company’s restructure and different direction, but I feel that the title of this blog warrants some discussion. Since we’ve put into practice our new consultancy approach with brides and grooms, one question has constantly cropped up: what sort of DJ should we go for?

You may or may not have seen our mantra of ‘ridding the UK of empty dancefloors’ and one of the biggest factors in creating this empty-dancefloor awkwardness, is the ‘cheesy’ wedding DJ. Yes, these DJ’s still get bookings, but its surprised me how many brides and grooms to be have a similar opinion of them to me.

I’ll give you an example. A friend of mine, a fellow singer who has been in the entertainment business a long time, told me about his son’s wedding reception, when he requested ‘God Only Knows’, a great record by The Beach Boys and very apt for a romantic setting like a wedding reception. The DJ happily obliged, as any DJ should when a request from the father of the groom comes in but proceeded to talk over the whole song! My friend then politely went back over to the DJ half an hour later and asked that he ‘play that Beach Boys song again, but this time, shut up’. Ok, he may have put it a bit more directly than that but you catch my drift!

The other pet hate of mine, as my colleagues in bands, fiancée and my business partner Dan will all tell you, is DJ’s who play the same songs that the band have just performed! All that’s needed is a simple conversation between band and DJ where a set list is exchanged so that everybody is aware of what’s happening and doesn’t duplicate each other!
So there are some of cringy, awkward and frustrating anecdotes of wedding DJ’s that I can offer, but lets be honest, choosing the right DJ can make your wedding night fantastic. Following on from a blinding live performance from the band, a DJ’s choice of music should compliment the band not collide with it, and lift the party vibe even further with a smooth transition into the last few hours of the wedding night, co-operating as best they can with requests, keeping the volume and sound quality to controllable, high quality levels, and remembering that the night is about the guests dancing to some quality songs, not them hearing the sound of their own voice.

That’s the one thing that all entertainers in the wedding business must remember; its not a gig like any other because the guests haven’t come to see you, they’ve come to celebrate a special day with their loved ones, and as entertainers, we are facilitating that.

And if I was struggling for a subject for my next blog, I’m not anymore…


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